Magnet Fishing

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What is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing is the process of using a magnet and a rope to retrieve metal items from the bottom of a body of water. You could find anything from a penny to a world war era gun. You can magnet fish in rivers, lakes, canels, ponds, or even oceans. There is a lot of diffrent ways and methods to fish with a magnet.

Neodymium Magnet (Rare Earth Magnet)

The Neodymim magnet is the leading type of magnet to use in Magnet fishing, because the magnet is very strong in terms of pull and durability. The Neodymim magnet is made of alloy of neodymium, iron and boron and is still a new type of magnet. In the end if you want the best the Neodymim Magnet is the way to go.

Neodymium Magnet

Ferrite Magnets

The Ferrite Magnets is also a valued option for magnet fishing. The ferrite magnet is a cheaper magnet compared to the neodymim magnet. Yet for someone on a budget or isnt sure that magnet fishing is for them, then the Ferrite Magnet comes to the rescue. There also comes the added risk when you are new to magnet fishing that you will lose the magnet. Going cheaper would not be a bad option if you where worried about losing your first magnet.

Ferrite Magnet


In order to be able to retrieve your magnet ounce you throw it in into the deeps. You will need some type of rope or line to retrieve the magnet. There are a couple diffrent options to choose from, but in the end it will vary on how strong, how long, and the grip or feel. What every rope you decide on rember this A rope is only as good as the Knot its tied with.

Braid rope Paracord Picter

Its all about them BASICS

  • Choose a Magnet that suits your wallet and your needs.
  • Must learn to tie some decent Knots. Unless you wanna lose your magnet.
  • Always make sure your magnet is actualy going to attract your tresures by testing it before you thow it in the water.
  • Do some reserch and find a great body of water to start fishing.
  • There are many diffrent methods its not all just throwing and pulling. Diffrent methods are used in diffrent areas
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