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Neodymium Magnet

Recommended Neodymim Magnets

Wukong 255 LBS Pulling Force

I recomend this magnet for complete beginers to the hobby and do not want to spend alot of dough. This magnet is plenty powerful enough and will not break the bank. The magnet gets mostly positive reviews with few people complaing about rusting.


This magnet is on the cheapest end of the spectrum. Do not let it full you it will pull things out of your body of water and the lighter load on your pocket book makes it alittle bit more expendable.

CMS Magnetics 405 LB Super

This magnet runs a bit more pricer but you do get alot more pulling power. There have been some reviews that say the eye comes unglued easily.

Brute Magnetics Round Cone 375LBS

This magnet is special becuase of its cone shape. The magnet has decent pulling power and is in the shape of a cone for easier draging

Wukong 249LBS

This is another magnet that has decent pulling power and not a huge hit on the pocket book.

Brute Magnetics 500LBS Pulling Force

This Magnet has a wooping 500lbs of pull and its still on the cheaper end of the scale. Get ready to start pulling out safes!

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